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Ascend | The Team


Ali Abdulkarim


A climbing enthusiast and the founder of Ascend, here to teach you how to climb and provide unforgettable trips whilst maintaining his college grades.

Yasmeen Abdulkarim


The Alfred to Ali’s batman, helping Ali in the background when it doesn’t involve climbing.


Hanan Ali


Don’t be fooled by her short stature, this woman has mastered the art of walking and advanced to become Ascends trusted hiking guide.

Mohamad Alabdulmunem

Guide / Photographer

A photographer who’s looking for extreme adventures, and the perfect shot .

Meshari AlSaeed


Being a Doctor never stopped him from doing what he loves! Meshari our trusted Climbing Guide and will look after you in case of emergency ;P

Norah AlFaylakawi


Tiny but strong Norah strives to be a better climber day by day. She’s more than happy to introduce this sport to others!

Elyssa Larson


Teaching is her job but climbing is her passion, Ely one of our trusted climbing guides and will definitely learn something new from her.

Bader Alshawaf


“I’m here to give a helping hand and be supportive while Sibeecha works her stress relief magic.” – Bader

Yousef Behbehani 


Sometimes vegan. Sometimes plays the ukulele. Always fun. A yoga enthusiast who loves to seek out adventure wherever he can find it.

Bader AlYaseen

Guide / Chef

He’s our expert when it comes to snacks and delicious meals. That’s why we have him in our team basically. Oh and we heard he’s a nice guy.