Chapter 2 comes to an end

  • 25 - 27 April
  • Muscat, Oman

Last trip of the season expected to be EPIC!

Price includes

  • Transportation.

  • Main meals.

  • Tent between 2 people / Tent lights.

  • Utensils.

  • All climbing gear.


Price does not include

  • Flight ticket.

  • Hotel accommodation before and after trip.

  • Personal Purchases during the trip.

  • Additional Snacks.


Price per person

  • Full Non-refundable payment done within 48 hours of registration.

  • Money can be collected through bank transaction.


You’ll need

  • Backpack (30L-40L).

  • Swim Wear.

  • Water Flask/bladder.

  • Comfortable Clothing.

  • Sleep bag.

  • Sleeping Mat.

  • Portable Charger.

  • Shoes.

  • Flip Flops.


Important notes

  • Do not over pack, the trip is just for 2 nights and you will carry your own backpack.

  • All members are expected to carry some gear with them.

  • Difficulty level: Open to All Levels.

  • Good attitude and a smile is required ;).

  • This trip is for everyone to have fun, any suggestions you have during it or after it will greatly be appreciated. Also, we will be rustic camping, I’ll try to make it as fancy as possible with the rustic limitations.

  • Times are subject to change depending on the situation including flight times, stamina (rock climbing).

  • People allergic to food such as and not limited to dairy, gluten and nuts must provide their own alternative as it may not be readily available on site.

Make sure to read our Terms & policy.

Day 1

  • Airport pick-up.

  • Quick Supermarket stop and dinner.

  • Drive to camp site top the mountains (2.5 hours).

  • Set up tents.

* We will start leaving the airport at 9pm latest


Day 2

  • Wake up at 7:00 am, have breakfast.

  • Head to climbing area (Sharaf).

  • Climbing till before sundown.

  • Head to campsite, and have dinner.

Day 3

  • Breakfast in the morning and head down wadi bani awf.

  • Considered one of Oman’s best off-road drives.

  • Stop at picture taking sites, scrambling sites and the end of snake canyon for possible pool dips.

  • Head to the airport at 1pm and arrive before 4pm.

* Take later flights to ensure we do the most during the day (preferably 7pm)