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Ascend | The Team


Ascend [uh-send] /əˈsɛnd/


1. Leading upward; soaring forward.
2. Climbing or progressing to a higher point.
3. Increasing in influence.
synonyms: climb (up), come/go/move up, make one's/its way up, come/go/move upwards, rise




Ascend is an adventure travel group seeking to introduce the sport of rock climbing to the general physically capable public (18+ with a guardian signature) through small group trips outside of Kuwait at affordable prices.


Ascend aims to spread the hobby of rock climbing through adventure travel by providing our participants with a dependable team and an experience that is both fun and educational on a physical and mental scale through our services.


We believe in providing our services in an ethical manner that will not harm people, or the environment. We also believe in affordability, a high quality standard on our trips as well as customer satisfaction. We truly believe in the local youth and would like to help spread awareness of the talented youth within the Middle East & North Africa region.

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Rock Climbing

The sport of climbing rock faces (walls) with the aid of ropes and special equipment. Rock climbing has different levels of difficulty which are called “climbing grades” ANYONE can rock climb with supervision and the right equipment!.


Strap on your boots and start walking. Hiking is an uphill walk that requires patience however, it comes with a lot of fun, and some awesome scenic views! Hiking has been added to our trips requested by a lot of people 😀


A mix of hiking, sliding, jumping, swimming and scrambling up and down the rocks to get through a canyon.

Natural pools

We tend to add water activities to almost every trip. Swim, chill or eat after a long day of hiking or climbing by a natural pool of water.


Our main form of lodging! Prepare for a night by a fire with awesome people to get to know before you head to sleep be it inside the tent, or in the open air under the stars.