What is Ascend

Ascend is a climbing club/community that consists of people who just want to have a good climb and share their sport with you.


Ascend is a climbing club seeking to introduce the sport of rock climbing to the general physically capable public through available facilities within Kuwait as well as small group trips outside of Kuwait at affordable prices


Ascend aims to spread the hobby of rock climbing through a climbing wall and adventure travel by providing our participants with a dependable team and an experience that is both fun and educational on a physical and mental scale through our services


We believe in providing our services in an ethical manner that will not harm people, or the environment. We also believe in affordability, a high quality standard on our trips as well as customer satisfaction. We truly believe in the local youth and would like to help spread awareness of the talented youth within the Middle East & North Africa region.

What do we do

Bouldering wall

Bouldering sessions every Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday from 7 PM to 10 PM.

Ascend HQ, Kuwait


Rock climbing Trips to be announced in our Instagram page

Other events

Camping in the lovely Kuwait desert in winter season, also to be announced in our Instagram page